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My approach to therapy and counselling

I offer a person-centred approach to counselling which means that I value you as a unique, holistic individual. I am interested in helping you listen to yourself more, connect with your internal resources and identify meaningful goals to move forward with.


My private practice is also informed by aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Emotional Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Internal Family Systems and Somatic Experiencing.


Working together may begin with a brief phone call or email exchange in which you are welcome to ask any questions or share any anxiety that you may have around the process of engaging with support.


We will briefly discuss what has led you to seek counselling support at this point in time to better help us decide if therapy with me is the right choice for you.


An initial 60-minute session (face-to-face in Exeter or online) will provide us with the opportunity to deep dive into the wider context of what has brought you to counselling.


We will explore therapeutic priorities whilst establishing what your expectations, aspirations and goals from therapy may be. This session will give you an opportunity get a sense of what private practice therapy with me will feel like and enable us to decide if we’d like to work together.


Following this you can choose to attend weekly or if this is unaccessible for any reason then we can consider a pattern, within my availability, that works for your schedule and resources.


Our subsequent sessions will be led by how you are feeling in the moment, on the day. We will use curiosity and compassion alongside therapeutic tools and resources to help you develop ways in which to connect with and explore your internal experience.

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During our counselling journey together it is possible that many different threads and themes may emerge and we will look to understand how all of these different aspects sit together.


Over time, we will work towards you holding an integrated understanding of your experiences, thoughts and feelings so that you can take this deeper self-awareness forward into your relationships with self and others.


Your journey through counselling (much like life) is unlikely to be linear. Our therapy sessions together will be a an opportunity to work with and through any anxiety, setbacks, stuckness and disappointments.


My hope for you is that our work together will help you to build the solid foundations of self-compassion, self-belief and self-awareness required to independently make lasting and meaningful changes and the opportunity to live life on your own terms.

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