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Sauntering into Spring with Inner World Counselling

The exterior of a brick building in Exeter, Devon, with blue sky above it
Inner World Counselling in Exeter

The Art of Noticing

On my walk to Inner World Counselling HQ this morning I reflected on the visible markers of seasonal change that are unfolding around me here in Exeter, Devon. As we march past the first equinox of the year my therapist ‘spidey-senses’ can viscerally sense the shift in my surroundings as somehow the birds sound a little brighter and the mornings feel a little lighter.


A transition of time as we begin to bid farewell to the soggy stillness of winter and prepare to embrace the gentle warmth of spring sunshine, a quiet invitation to embark on a journey of internal softening and awakening. Just as nature gracefully sheds its layers of frost and welcomes the budding blooms, so too can we embody this season of change to cultivate growth, find balance and make space for new beginnings. I mean, you had me at 'warmth' and 'sunshine'! Anyone else?!


Planting Seeds of Intention

Spring symbolizes a time of planting seeds – both literal and metaphorical. It can be a time to set intentions, to envision the life we wish to cultivate and to take deliberate steps towards action. This feels exciting and fresh to me as I try ‘Spring 2024’ on for size and I love that no two years feel the same as I grow through my personal chapters of life and living.


As a mirror of my own private processing practices this time of year can often be a reflective opportunity with clients in private practice therapy. An opportunity to check in during counselling sessions and explore if current choices are making connections to desires, longings and aspirations. I find this pause to reflect on the here and now in relation to the bigger picture goals can help clients to identify the soil that needs turning and select the next step seeds they wish to plant within their own lives.


Week on week, through introspection and self-discovery, it is such a gift to witness individuals move from anxiety and overwhelm, depression and isolation to take empowered steps to connect with and attune to their innermost desires and values.


Whilst I may be marginally biased in advocating for the power of therapy… I feel that counselling sessions are such a powerful space to alchemise and integrate difficult, painful, anxiety fueled, traumatic experiences and from this untangling of the messy mind come the tools and support needed for clients to nurture these seeds as they begin to take root and flourish.


Welcoming Balance

As the days grow longer in Exeter and the light gently permeates the darkness, fellow Counsellors and I are reminded of the importance of balance in our lives. Spring signifies a harmonious blend of light and dark, warmth and coolness, growth and rest.


It is a time to realign ourselves with the natural rhythms of the earth which can be immensely restorative in bringing equilibrium to mind, body, and spirit. Counselling can be a useful tool in providing clients with the space to reflect on their processes in order to navigate life's challenges with rest and resilience.


Letting Go to Make Space for Growth

Just as the trees shed their old leaves to make way for new growth, so too we can release that which no longer serves us in order to make space for transformation and renewal. Goodbye anxiety, so long intrusive thoughts, adios depression. Spring offers an opportunity to declutter our inner world landscapes, letting go of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and emotional pain that can weigh us down.


Counselling sessions provide a safe and nurturing environment for clients to explore and release the burdens of the past, allowing them to embrace the present moment with clarity and openness. By letting go of the old, we create space for new possibilities to emerge, paving the way for personal growth and evolution.


Embrace the Season of Renewal with Inner World Counselling

As we journey through the ever-changing seasons of life, Inner World Counselling is here to support you along the way with private practice therapy from my cosy counselling rooms in central Exeter.


Whether you're seeking clarity, healing or personal transformation I am dedicated to my compassionate therapy approach in helping you to cultivate a life of authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment.


Wherever you are in the world, Exeter or afar, and whatever the weather where you are… Together, let us plant the seeds of change, welcome balance into our lives, and embrace the infinite possibilities of springtime renewal.

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