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counselling in exeter

Creating Change from theWorld Within

Smiling therapist in a pink jumper in front of a gold logo on a teal coloured wall

Welcome to
Inner World Counselling

Warm, Friendly Counselling and Therapy In Exeter

Inner World Counselling is a compassionate therapy practice based in Exeter, Devon, offering a private, safe and supportive place to talk when life feels unexpectedly challenging or complicated. 


About Me

My name is Katrina and I am a qualified integrative therapist offering space and time for you to explore whatever is busy in your mind and perhaps heavy on your heart.


I believe counselling can provide an important and valuable opportunity to slow down and gather perspective when all around is moving at speed.

What I Offer

  • ​Regular 60-minute therapy sessions

  • Cosy, comfortable counselling room

  • Support for individuals over the age of 18

  • Flexible weekday schedule

  • Face to face or online sessions

  • Located in central Exeter

  • Nearby parking

  • Near public transport links to the rest of Devon

A bright, welcoming counselling office with a blue chair in front of windows in Exeter
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A faded logo for Inner World Counselling
A faded logo for Inner World Counselling

How Can I Help You?

Whatever it is that brings you here, know that you are not alone. I provide professional counselling and therapy support aiming to help you find your way through.


I am a calm, nurturing, warm presence and I am here to listen when you feel ready. I can offer you a regular space to pause, to talk, to understand and to be understood. I can help you identify where you are feeling stuck in your life.


I can offer you support in unpacking, untangling and processing big emotions, difficult thoughts and painful feelings. I can help you connect and cope. I can help you create space for change. I can help you feel better.


If you've found this page the chances are that you're looking for support and a safe place to talk. Perhaps, you’ve just arrived in the right place, at the right time?

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Together we can look to make sense of:

  • Addiction

  • Affairs and Betrayal

  • Anxiety 

  • Attachment challenges

  • Body image dysmorphia

  • Challenge with change

  • Coping strategies

  • Depression

  • Disordered eating

  • Eating disorders

  • Family Issues

  • Fear

  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed

  • Grief, bereavement and loss

  • Health anxiety

  • Heavy emotions such as shame / guilt / anger / numbness

  • Hyper vigilance / independence

  • Identity issues

  • Impactful experiences

Together we can talk about what your hopes and goals for therapy are.

Together we can get to know and look to understand the parts of self that are potentially still repeating old patterns.

Together, over time, we will look to identify triggers, recognise reactions and understand these patterns of behaviour.


Together we will use therapeutic tools and supportive strategies to bring awareness, insight and understanding to your inner world experience.

Together we can look at how awareness can bring choice which creates space for change.

Together we can work compassionately with your unique experiences and empower you to move forward with purpose and a positive outlook.

  • ​​​Lifestyle choices

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Low self worth / esteem / confidence

  • Managing pressures of university

  • Navigating stress

  • Negative thinking and limiting beliefs

  • Nourishment

  • Panic attacks

  • Perfectionism paralysis

  • Relationship struggles

  • Repressed emotions

  • Sadness

  • Self concept

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Self-soothing behaviours

  • Separation and divorce

  • Stages of transition

  • Student wellbeing

  • Unhelpful habits and repeating pattern

  • Workaholism

Smiling, relaxed therapist standing at the black front door of her counselling practice in Exeter

If you would like to explore working together, please do


Our sessions really helped me at a time that I felt utterly lost and alone. Your presence made me feel deeply seen and truly safe at the same time.
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